MMAT Collection “Daily Joy 2021”


TitleMMAT Collection “Daily Joy 2021”
Open Hours10:00〜18:00(Museum entrance closes at 5:30PM)
TicketAdults ¥700(550)
University students/High school students/Seniors (65 and older)  ¥550(400)
Junior high school students free
*( )=Group of 20 or more/Meguro Citizens
*Visitors with disability and one person accompanying them are admitted free of charge. (Please present certificate at the admission.)
Organized byMeguro Foundation of Art and Culture (Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo)
VenueThe second floor , Main building                                                                                                                                                  

TANAKA Atsuko,Target,1962,vinyl paint on canvas /Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo Collection

MMAT has been forming a unique series of collections since its opening, shedding light on the works by artists closely related to Meguro. The spotlight is mainly on the works by Japanese artists who studied or who played an active role in the international art scene. Since MMAT is holding partly simultaneously “Daily Joy 2021 – by Artists with Disabilities in Meguro”, we will display in this Exhibition “MMAT Collection” the selected works under the theme of “Daily Joy.”
Chapter 1  “Colorful”

Brilliant colors and rich colors It makes our hearts dance and excites us.

AY-O,Rainbow Environment,1962,oil on canvas / Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo Collection

Chapter 2   “Comfort: Soft shape, light lines“

TSUCHIYA Yukio,Hakone '71,1971,watercolor on paper / Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo Collection

Fluffy and soft or floating, The light line drawn with a swoosh is I feel comfortable.
Chapter 3  “In the Light“

SAITO Toyosaku,Shepherd,1906-12,oil on canvas / Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo Collection

Light not only creates warmth, but also It also visually produces brightness and color. Light gives us hope.
Chapter 4  “Laughter, humor, and play“

AKIOKA Yoshio,Found where the Ants are,1954,color on paper / Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo Collection 

No matter how tense and stiff you are When you suddenly grin, I feel relaxed. And whether you're an adult or a child Play enriches your life.
Chapter 5  “Kawaii“

KUSAMA Yayoi,Pumpkin(Yellow),1982,silkscreen on papar,1984  / Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo Collection

Small animals, children, etc. Cute things soothe people's hearts. In recent years, it has also become a keyword for Japanese culture. It came to be used.
Chapter 6  “We are all alive“

IKEDA Masuo,Ladies Sunbathing,1962,drypoint, aquatint on papar / Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo Collection

Even in casual everyday life There are moments that I find wonderful. The air that I took off the mask for a moment and breathed in the corona. The comfort of hot water in the shower after sweating.
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