Artists with Disabilities in Meguro “Daily Joy 2021”


TitleArtists with Disabilities in Meguro “Daily Joy 2021”
Open Hours10:00〜18:00(Museum entrance closes at 5:30PM)
TicketAdults free
University students/High school students/Seniors (65 and older)  free
Junior high school students free
Organized byMeguro city , Meguro Foundation of Art and Culture (Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo)
The first floor , Main building                                                                              

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games have been postponed to be held this year. Continuing from 2019, we are holding the “Daily Joy” exhibition – an exhibition of works by people with disabilities living in Meguro, with a focus on care facilities in Meguro City. This time, the Exhibition will be held in the MMAT main building, during the Exhibition period of the “MMAT Collection.”

OZAWA Miyuki , Untitled

Toshie&Risa , Hansel and Gretel

SHIRAISHI Tamao , Untitled

USUI Michihiro , Untitled

TANBO Kanako , Untitled

Masa Tanaka , Ghost

KURAHASHI Haruna , Girl

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