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Site Policy

This website ( is maintained and operated by the Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as the “Museum”).
Please read and agree to the terms of use below before browsing and using this website. In addition, the terms of use of this website are subject to change without prior notice so therefore please regularly check for updated terms.

1. Copyrights

All text, images, and materials contained in this website are designed to allow individual users to view them on the screen through the browser. Any act, such as reproduction in another medium, is prohibited.
The copyrights to the images of art works, illustrations, documents, and materials on this website shall, in principle, belong to the Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo and the authors of the respective works. Use of copyrighted works is prohibited without the permission of the copyright holders and beyond the scope of private use provided for in the Copyright Act. In addition, provision of such copyrighted works for use by any third party is prohibited without the permission of the copyright holders, regardless of the method of distribution, such as alteration, reproduction, rental, loan, sales, publication, transmission, or broadcast; provided, however, that if individual terms of use are stipulated for each copyrighted work, priority shall be given to the relevant terms of use. 

2. Trademarks

All names of museums, logos, and names of companies, services and products that are present in this website are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Museum or respective companies and organizations, which may not be used without the permission of the rights holders.

3. Link

You may freely link to this website as a general rule, and notification is not required when establishing a link; provided, however, that there may be cases where you may be asked to remove the link depending on the content of your website or the method by which the link is established.
Please use “” as the URL base for the link and clearly specify that it is a link to the website of the “Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo”

4. Browsing Environment

This website is designed to be able to be viewed in a browsing environment that is commonly used at present; however, the layout, etc. on the screen may look different when viewed using some older version browsers.
For the best viewing experience of this website, please check the environment of the PC or Smartphone that you are using.

1. Recommended Operating Environment

The following browser settings are recommended:

  • Enable JavaScript
  • Accept cookies
  • Enable style sheet
2. Recommended Browsing Environment

The following browsers are recommended for viewing this website:

  • The latest version of Microsoft Edge
  • The latest version of Google Chrome
  • The latest version of Firefox
  • The latest version of Safari for Mac
  • Standard browser for Android
  • Safari for iPhone.

* Some content may not be displayed depending on the model of PC or Smartphone that you are using.
* The browsing environment may need to be changed as necessary.

3. Plug-ins

To open PDF files, Adobe Reader of Adobe Systems Incorporated is needed.
Please download and use the latest version of Adobe Reader.

5. Disclaimer

  • The Museum shall not be liable for any problems between the customer and a third party arising from the use of this website.
  • The Museum shall not be liable for any accident involving software, hardware or other damage caused by the use of this website.
  • Please be advised in advance that information, file names, and other content of this website are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The content of third party websites other than those of the Museum that are linked to and from this website is maintained by the administrators of the respective websites, and the Museum shall not be liable for the content and any damage caused by the use thereof. In addition, links from this website to third party websites do not imply any partnership or special relationship between the Museum and the administrators of the linked websites.

6. Inquiries about this Website

Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3714-1201
FAX: 03-3715-9328

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